The Scalers Shoes Empire and Yvette Kendall

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Scalers Shoes and CEO, Yvette Kendall turn down multi-million dollar deal.

I normally write my own stories but I felt it best to re-post this article that was written about a young lady by the name of Yvette Kendall and her new products “Scalers New Fitness Shoes”.

It has to be something said about someone that would turn-down a large amount of monies just to funnel better dollars in to our communities and work forces, not to mention allowing the general public a chance to be part of a new and apparent empire of fitness products.

Please read the article below written by The Burton International Group.

Scalers Fitness Shoes Inventor Rejects 3.2 Million Dollar Venture Capital Investment Offer!
The Shoes that have America talking which display your weight when standing still for 60 seconds or longer would rather accept private invests instead of a guaranteed 3.2 million dollar venture capital investment.

PRLog (Press Release) – Nov 16, 2010 – The new revolutionary Patent Pending Scalers Fitness Shoes made their debut on the NBC Today Show less than two weeks ago and have since stirred up International attention and interest from consumers anxious to get their hands on a pair, to venture capital firms hoping to get a piece of the pie through investment opportunities.

According to the inventor of Scalers Fitness Shoes, Yvette Kendall, pre-orders for the shoes that display your weight through a small screen etched into the top of the shoes when you stand still for more than 60 seconds (when the device is activated) – have been pouring in and so have inquiries from venture capital firms requesting meetings and proposals.

“It’s been an overwhelming experience for us but, we are pleased with America’s reception of the product so far,” say’s Kendall. “However, I wasn’t expecting VC firms to reach out to us as a result of the Scalers debut on the Today show.”

Kendall agreed to meet with an unnamed venture capital firm who offered to invest 3.2 million dollars into the production of the product in attempts to gain a hefty profit from its future sales. But Kendall shocked her team when she turned down the venture capital’s proposal stating that she wants to give the American public the opportunity to invest in her company instead. When questioned by her team and curious reporters, Kendall explained that “American’s are struggling to make ends meet.“ She went on to quote that a high percentage of American’s are living paycheck to paycheck and “the only way that we are going to turn things around is to do it for ourselves.” She went on to say – ” We can’t depend on the government to bail us out of the financial rut that most of us find ourselves in these days so we have to create opportunities not only for ourselves, but for each other.”

According to Kendall, it was not easy to turn down the seemingly guaranteed 3.2 million dollars because “we have enormous financial obligations to my team who help to make this product possible. Not to mention the ongoing fees for the patent process, schematics, production and more. But, I decided to take a huge leap of faith believing that we can raise just as much funding if not more through private investments – it makes no sense that the rich keep getting richer while the poor are getting poorer.”

While Kendal took a huge risk, she explained that, “I appreciate all the venture capital interest and offers but business is all about taking risks and I took a huge one. Many people were extremely angry with me and still are, but I believe that I did the right thing and can only hope that American’s respond by taking advantage of the opportunity that is set before them.”

When asked why American’s should consider making private investments in the company’s new product, Kendall had this to say, “We put a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears into the invention of our patent pending Scalers Fitness Shoes. Not to mention all the sacrifices that were made along the way, lamented Kendall. We were extremely cautious during the design process because we know that American’s struggle with weight issues but, we wanted to invent a product that would aid American’s and the rest of the world in becoming healthy again. So that being said, if venture capital companies who invest for a living and make billions doing it, then certainly every day, hardworking people can take a chance and earn the hefty returns that the VC’s would have received instead.

About Scalers Fitness Shoes:

The Patent Pending Scalers Fitness Shoes are scheduled to go into production in late December or early January according to another spokesperson for the company and will be available at retail locations and online in early spring. According to Kendall, she’s been in talks with some big name athletic companies who have expressed an interest in licensing the shoes.

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